Espresso – 5 RON

Coffee | 20 ml 

The espresso is iconic. It is an intense, highly concentrated small shot of coffee. When brewed under pressure creates a layer of foam on the surface of the drink called the “crema”. It is the driving force behind the modern coffee shop phenomenon.


Doppio – 7 RON

Coffee | 40 ml 

The doppio is a double shot of espresso.


Americano – 6 RON

Coffee, hot water | 110 ml 

During World War II, American soldiers in Europe found the local espresso too strong. They diluted the shots with hot water creating the Americano – a brew similar in strength to filter coffee, with some of the flavors of an espresso.


Macchiato – 6 RON

Coffee, cream | 360 ml 

Another Italian classic, the macchiato gets its name from the custom of “marking” the espresso with milk foam, which lends a little sweetness to the shot as you drink it. It is sometimes also called a caffè macchiato or an espresso macchiato.


Cappuccino – 7 RON

Coffee, cream | 140 ml 

Most Italians drink their cappuccino in the mornings, but this classic breakfast coffee has now been adopted as an all-day drink worldwide. For many fans, the cappuccino represents the most harmonious ratio of coffee to milk.


Cafe Latte – 8 RON

Coffee, milk | 360 ml 

The caffè latte is another classic Italian breakfast beverage. It is milder in taste and heavier on the milk than all the other espresso-based recipes. It is now popular all over the world and is enjoyed throughout the day.

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