Order on the go

The Tembo app works on iOS and Android, so you can order from our coffee shop whenever the need for inspiration strikes. Use our custom illustrated coffee menu for a quick, 15 seconds checkout.

Keep track of your order

Thanks to a map built into the app, you can keep track of your order in real-time. Based on your phone’s location, once your order is placed, we make sure to get it prepared just in time for when you reach our coffee shop. Your order is just right and exactly how you like it. Just pick it up, relax and enjoy your time with your small one.


This is personal

We are a social impact company. This means that with each coffee order you make, we donate 3% of the transaction to a local, community-led social initiative. From the app, you have an overview of how much you have contributed with your orders. We publish regular updates each month and put out transparency reports 2 times per year.
Occasionally, we also launch our own fundraisers, centered around specific campaigns and needs that best support our local community.

Double the coffee, double the fun

Tembo is all about the community we serve. Use our app to give a coffee to a friend, get updates from our members, participate in fundraisers, receive badges, rewards and more. Get to know your local neighborhood with the help of coffee.


Order your way

Thanks to the magic built into the app, the more you use Tembo app, the more personalized your experience will be.

Cookies and coffee at precisely 9:14 AM every Friday? Heck, why not every day?! Yes please!!! All, without you even thinking about it…

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