Our mission

Our goal is to provide products & services that benefit the local community, through purpose-driven consumer purchases. We start with coffee.

About us

The history of coffee is a history of a world in changing. Each bag of coffee has a story of its own. A human one. And it deserves to be told. Its purpose is so fundamental, its presence is simply understood.

Coffee was discovered at least a 1’000 years ago. It is a story of slavery, smuggling, love and community. A story of discovery. Coffee is many different things for many different people. For us, it is more than just the daily ritual, it is the epitome that ultimately helps to brings us closer together.

Tembo is not just a coffee company. We are also a tech startup, with a deep rooted belief in working on technologies for social good. We believe in celebrating the richness and the cultural versatility that coffee represents. Making sure that with each cup we serve, there is an equal amount of effort that goes into creating products and services that support and give back to the local community we work and live in.

Our values

We dream big but start small. We operate in small teams and identify opportunities. We plan, we build things, we fail, we never settle. We keep learning.


By the community, for the community.


We believe that every product that we make, must benefit the local community. We want to create a world, where people everywhere are given the support and opportunity to be able to tackle their most pressing problems and have positive outcomes in their lives. While getting there won’t be easy, we know it’s possible.


Stronger together.


We put people first. We ask for help and provide it when we can. The best work comes from teams that collaborate and put other people’s interests first, before their own.


Operate in small teams.


Meaningful work comes from small teams in which every single member is passionate about what they do. When teams become bigger, processes, bureaucracy or politics appear. Our teams work independently and have complete control over their own product.  Our structure is optimized for speed and passion, not for control.


Keep focus.


To do a good job, we must eliminate all the unimportant opportunities and build and test things fast, fail fast and arrive to the solution quicker.


Radical transparency.


Open communication and collaboration is at the heart of how we work. We believe the public has the right to know the full story behind each of our product, how we operate and our way of doing business. Our failures and successes un-redacted.


Never settle.


People who think they are crazy enough to change the world, are usually the ones who do. We are driven by the mission to contribute to a fair and inclusive world for everyone we ever work with. We don’t compromise and never settle.

Our team

We are a small team of entrepreneurs with an affinity for coffee, design and tech for social good. Based in Romania (Transylvania) and Switzerland, we are an eclectic mix with big aspirations. Come join us!


Előd Balázs-Engelsen

Product & business

Előd has over 10 years of experience working for non-profits in the humanitarian sector. At  Tembo he is responsible for product strategy, business development and PR. As a native from Transylvania, his heart beats for a good cup of cappuccino and garlic bread. Not necessarily together.


Mátyás Fábián

iOS developer


Marian Iacob

Android developer

Started in 2010 as Java developer and switched to Android development in 2014. Solid experience gained by working on projects in various industries like banking, real estate, eCommerce and others. Passionate about guitar playing, football and computer games.


Louise Balázs-Engelsen

Operations & retail

Louise has a degree in History but doesn’t let that stop her from looking forward. She has several years of working experience in Administration and HR within the Humanitarian and nongovernmental sector as well as in writing and editing.



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