It was late autumn in 2017. It started with a dream – a big dream. It spanned over years and several countries. The dream of making a company, of being your own boss, but also of making a positive difference, of providing a product that will make people who buy it happier and of funneling revenue to people in need.

The more we talked about it the dream got more concrete, but not any smaller. And what else could we do than getting into selling coffee, when you love a cup of joe? And basically need lots of it – being new parents and all. And we wanted an app. Because why wait in line or bother with cash when you can order on the go and have your coffee ready by the time you arrive?!

So, we decided, we want to make a coffee shop in Transylvania – where my better half comes from – and we want to expand beyond Romania to the rest of Europe, we are creating a localized pan-European coffee chain. And we don’t just want to sell coffee, we want to make a positive difference in the local community where we operate, we want to give back to those who need it most. And it has to be easy, both to get a good cup of coffee and to make a positive difference.

Before you knew it we, a couple with a small baby, were looking at places to rent in Cluj, but my, that’s not easy when you’re not actually living there… But we did get some pretty genius coders on board to work on the app. Because, no matter the outcome, the app would not be a wasted effort. The dream became a plan. Just like that!

But, finding the right place for the right price on a competitive market is not easy and we could see the expenses building up. What to do? We decided we would rather start small, move fast and expand as we go. We were going to go for a different approach; we wanted to literally be able to move around, and how better to do so than in a converted Piaggio Ape, our very own mobile coffee van!

Then came the time when we needed additions to the team to make everything happen, so onboard came an invaluable asset – our Manager! Thank Java Heavens for her! She has made it all happen, from paperwork to coffee grinder, she sorts it out!

And here we are, in spring 2018 and all of a sudden we are a team of 7 people, and we’ll grow soon – we still need baristas! The coffee van is on its way and the app is almost ready to download. And OK we haven’t achieved world peace yet, but in just 6 months we’ve gone from dream to plan to execution.

We’re doing it, and we can’t wait to roll out in the streets of Cluj and sell good hassle free coffee with a built in feel-good factor that will make not only your day better, but also help make someone else’s day better.

Along the way we have adjusted the plan and made accommodations for common sense and the diminishing content of our wallet, but the dream is still there as a beacon of light guiding us along. Cluj first – then the world! One hot cup of coffee at a time!


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