café is a child-centric community coffee shop for parents. In this article we explain why we started the company and what is our vision for the future.


With a plethora of coffee shops at every street corner, in every city, it feel that coffee shops nowadays are a bit overrated. The truth is, for centuries people in societies wanted a place where they could engage in public debates and socialize with others. We take it for granted that they are this widespread and have become part of our daily lives.

The modern coffee shop culture traces its origins back to the beautiful city of Vienna. It was there, in 1683 that a diplomat called Jerzy Franciszek Kulczycki opened Europe’s first café much to the delight to the city’s inhabitants. The beans were left behind by a retreating army from the Ottoman Empire.

Fast forward 336 years, and you now have an affluent coffee shop culture. You have barbershops and hairdressers that sell specialty coffee, coffee shops where you can bring your pet, coffee shops with co-working spaces, coffee shops for enthusiasts where the only two types of items on the menu is coffee and water. It seems that this industry has every need covered. Well, almost every need.

When looking at the landscape of the coffee shop industry, it seems that the needs of the young and old alike are mainly met. Except of course, if you are a parent with a small child. In which case, you might have already realized that the available coffee shops are not suited to accommodate the needs of parents with children between the ages of 0-5. Tables with sharp corners, lack of baby items on the menu, a play area and a myriad of other needs and services that you would need in a place such as this.

Kindercafe, is a movement started in Berlin in 2010 to offer a place for parents with small children, where they come and unwind while their small one is entertained. Since 2010, the concept has spread far and wide, with small shops appearing in the US, UK, France and places across Germany or Austria.

In 2018, a few friends came together and decided to open a coffee shop for parents in Cluj-Napoca, Romania. At the time, in Romania, the concept of kindecafe has just started to take root. At present, there are no kindercafes available in Cluj.

Enter Tembo café.

Our coffee shop allows parents to continue having a social life together with their children by providing a place which is 100% child-friendly, makes booking for private events easy and provides the means for parents to take part in career development courses together with their child.

In short, Tembo café is a child-centric community coffee shop for parents.

By the community, for the community.

Apart from being a child-friendly community coffee shop, it was equally important to us that we support the local community and help bring about positive outcomes in people’s lives. To this end, with every single purchase that people make, we donate 3% of every transaction to support a community-based social initiative.

We believe, that every product that we make and sell, must benefit the local community. We want to create a world, where people everywhere are given the support and opportunity needed to be able to tackle their most pressing problems and have positive outcomes in their lives.

We envision a world, where Tembo café will ultimeatly serve all of the needs that a family with small children might have. Wether that is about career development, child focused activities, childcare, healthy living and more. We want to become a place which offers end-to-end services to parents covering their daily needs.


Join us. Signup and be the first to know when we launch later this summer: https://tembo.cafe/#signup




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